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Volunteer Opportunities

Assistance League is a member-based, 100% volunteer driven organization. There are no paid staff. Creating joy, sharing what we have, bringing hope to the lost, clothes to children without and a smile to those in need...this is what life is really about...this is what Assistance League is about.

Flexible ways members donate time. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities within Assistance League. Based on your interests and skills you may wish to work during the day helping clothe children that come to our Operation School Bell facility.

You may wish to volunteer in the evening helping low income high school students who are invited to a local store to shop for school clothing through our Retail Teen Program.

You may wish to volunteer as a cashier in the Thrift Shop or prefer sorting and pricing donations in the back room.

You may enjoy working at Estate Sales with our crack team who perform a valuable service in the community.

Do you enjoy office administration, helping out with computer projects, speaking to the public, organizing fundraising or other social events, or working on committees? Our all-volunteer organization has several jobs that might match your interests and skills.


Becoming a Member

Assistance League is a member based organization. Managing an organization with the program breadth and depth such as ours must rely on a large committed team of volunteers. We have learned that volunteers tend to be more dedicated if they have ownership in the association. Assistance League invites volunteers to join. There are several membership categories offering various ways to contribute based on time availability.

Membership Classifications and Expectations

Adults with flexible schedules that allow time for volunteering during the weekday are invited to join Assistance League's general membership. There are two classifications of membership: Voting or Nonvoting. Voting members prefer to have a voice in the organization's management. Nonvoting members choose to volunteer without participating in the organization's administrative functions.

New members are welcome to join any time. New member orientation classes are scheduled in the fall and early spring to help facilitate the training process. We have learned that new members tend to establish a deeper bond with each other when they come in with a class. Mentors are available to help with the learning process.

Working adults who wish to volunteer on weekends or evenings are invited to join Kitty Young Auxiliary.

The purpose of this auxiliary is to give volunteer service in chapter philanthropic programs and fundraising activities. In addition to helping with Assistance League's programs, they fund and facilitate the Assault Survivor Kits® program and hold social/fundraising functions. Membership in Kitty Young Auxiliary provides working professionals an avenue to volunteer while enjoying the social aspects of the group. Based on interest, Voting or Nonvoting status is available.

Teenagers in middle and high school are invited to join Assisteens® Auxiliary.

The purpose of this auxiliary is to carry on a program of philanthropic work in the community and to follow the concept of all for service and service for all. The group funds and facilitates the Tees For Teens program. Membership in Assisteens Auxiliary provides teens with an opportunity to learn about volunteerism, support the philanthropic programs of the chapter, and have fun doing it with peers.

Making New Friendships

Working and playing alongside positive, like-minded individuals is fun and friendships are easily made among our members. Although, while serving those in need throughout our community is the number one focus, we do believe in having a good time together and arrange several social events each year. We invite you to join us.

Community Volunteers

If your service club, church or employee group would like to volunteer, we welcome your assistance as Community Volunteers. Community volunteers are invited to lend a helping hand on various projects:

  • Taking inventory and stocking children's clothing for Operation School Bell
  • Sorting donations for the Thrift Shop
  • Set up and assist at special events, such as our annual fundraising events.

volunteer oportunities woman and boy

Volunteers help children select new school clothes.

members volunteering

Membership classifications and expectations for adults with flexible schedules.

Voting Member

  • Attend Monthly Business Meetings
  • Volunteer minimum 90 hours per year
  • Annual dues $55

Nonvoting Member

  • Volunteer minimum 40 hours per year
  • Annual dues $70

Kitty Young Auxiliary

  • Shall be nonvoting members of the chapter and may be voting or nonvoting members of the auxiliary.
  • Annual dues:
  • Voting $45
  • Sustaining (nonvoting) $55
  • Associate (nonvoting) $70


  • Annual dues $20

PAL Associate

  • Annual dues $40




teen volunteers

Teens gain early volunteer experience while enjoying the social aspects of Assisteens Auxiliary


community volunteers

Community Volunteers help out with special projects such as inventory and stocking childrens clothing