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Operation School Bell

  Over 88,000 clothed....one child at a time


Everett School District school bus

Students from 15 school districts throughout Snohomish County come to our Operation School Bell facility to receive a new school wardrobe.

Imagine a child who has to attend school with no underwear or socks. A child who owns only one set of clothes, who goes to school without a jacket and wears sandals in the middle of a cold winter.

The stress and embarrassment of not having the right clothes can negatively affect that child's self esteem and impact their ability to learn.

Operation School Bell, Assistance League's oldest and largest philanthropic program, helps low income children and teens feel good about themselves. We provide new clothing, hygiene kits and, when needed, vouchers to purchase new shoes.

It Starts with the Schools
Assistance League has long-standing contracts with 15 school districts throughout Snohomish County. School staff refer students to the Operation School Bell program. If you are a parent or guardian of a child in need, please contact your child's school.

After the child is identified as a candidate for Operation School Bell, the school sends a permission form home for authorization to take the child to the Assistance League Operation School Bell facility. The school then arranges appointments and transportation.

Efficiencies Payoff at our Operation School Bell Facility
Thousands of children visit our Operation School Bell facility each school year. Every child is provided their own special time and a volunteer personal assistant that helps pick out a complete wardrobe of new clothes. They select three new outfits, a winter jacket, hat, gloves, hygiene kits, and one weeks supply of underwear and socks. Because we have been purchasing new school clothing for over 50 years and have established national resources, we have become very efficient in getting the most from our investment. A child's wardrobe provided through our Operation School Bell center is purchased for a cost of $100 and valued at $250 retail.

Retail Teen

Recognizing the special needs of high school students, Assistance League offers an alternative to coming to our facility, Operation School Bell Retail Teen Program.


High school students are invited to participate in a shopping opportunity at a local clothing store on a specified evening. Here, they can shop for school clothing and shoes, selecting from a wide variety of sizes and styles. Assistance League pays for the purchases (up to a specified amount) and volunteers are on site to lend a helping hand.

High school students interested in participating in this program should contact their school counselor.

Assistance League's Assisteens® Auxiliary, made up of middle and high school students, participate in Operation School Bell with their philanthropic program, Tees for Teens. They conduct fundraising activities in order to purchase tees and tops for teens-in-need, which are distributed through Operation School Bell.

If you would like to help purchase children's clothing, click here for ways to donate.

High school students enjoy flexibility of shopping at local retail stores or at our Operation School Bell facility.

Teens from low income families especially face strong challenges. They deal with the pressures of staying in school, juggling busy schedules, adjusting to their changing bodies and fitting in with their peers.




new school wardrobe through Operation School Bell

Over 3,500 children were provided a new school wardrobe through the Operation School Bell facility during this past year.

new clothes, new smiles

New clothes put the smiles back on children's faces.

boy with new shirt

high school students with new clothes

988 high school students were provided a shopping spree at local clothing stores to purchase new school clothes and shoes.